We invite you to prayerfully consider a monthly or one-time gift toward the work of Church on the Block in the Austin neighborhood. We need all sorts of partners and friends to assist the work over time – co-investing our lives with homegrown youth and families. Your gift will go to sustain and expand the work of transformation – with the neighborhood, through the church, on the block. All giving is tax-deductible.



Please make checks out to First Church of the Nazarene and write C/O – “Church on the Block” in the memo line: Mail to Administrative Office: First Church of the Nazarene Attn: Church on the Block 12725 Bell Road Lemont, IL 60439


For reoccurring gifts, please visit the following website with giving details below:
  • Click the Online Giving option in the bottom right corner
  • For reoccurring gifts, an online account will need to be set up under Chicago First Church of the Nazarene
  • Choose “Austin Campus Donations” as the designated fund
Create a New Account for Online Giving (.pdf)
“Some plant. Some water. God grows the vision.”

What is your biggest financial challenge right now?

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The congregation in Austin gives sacrificially through weekly tithes, offerings, and sweat equity, while the church seeks to diversify income to sustain the work within an under-resourced neighborhood. Chicago First Church of the Nazarene continues a long-term supportive relationship with Church on the Block. As we attempt to broaden partnerships, we are prayerfully seeking Financial Partners to pool our resources together to raise an average of $10,000 per month or at least $120,000 annually. To learn more about our financial needs and wish list, please write to .


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We have much to learn and the process is both exciting and stretching as we seek the Spirit’s leading voice. Please pray over our family, for health and wholeness, for the congregation, and for a concerted effort to change the odds on behalf of youth in our community.

Visit Church on the Block:

We gather at 10:00 am on Sundays at 500 North Laramie, and we would be honored to host you. New to the West Side? Click here.


Please consider introducing us to 1-3 people, especially those who have interest in becoming a Spiritual and Financial Partner with Church on the Block. There is much work to be done, and we are eager to listen, learn, and build partnerships for Kingdom sake.

Soul Sauce BBQ Line

Purchase Soul Sauce and share the sauce with your friends. Or do you know any independent grocery stores, cafes, or other groups who would consider placing it on their shelves? We have wholesale rates with a good margin. The sauce also makes for an excellent fundraiser for groups.

Drive n’ Dream with Nate

Schedule a time with Nate and Melissa (and Austin leaders) over coffee and dessert, and explore the neighborhood. This is a great way to hear the vision of COTB and discover where God is already at work in Austin—come explore the beautiful assets of the neighborhood, along with the gifts and talents that Austin offers.

Golf with your friends at Columbus Park

Book a tee time with Nate (warning: he’s a terrible golfer!) to golf in Austin at Columbus Park (9-hole course), and enjoy visiting the COTB building to learn more about the heartbeat and vision with local leaders. To book a Tee Time, call 866.223.5564 or visit

Read and Share “Thriving City Blocks: an interactive journal for loving your neighborhood well”

One way to raise basic awareness about the heart and vision for Church on the Block is to share Nate’s book available on Amazon and Kindle.

Financial Partnership

Spreading the word among friends to consider a one-time, monthly, or annual gift toward the work of Church on the Block. The heartbeat of Church on the Block is fueled by the financial support and volunteer leadership of individuals, partners, foundations, and Kingdom-minded businesses.


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We focus our faith in action within a surrounding block radius with concentrated energy, resources, local partnerships and relationships on the West Side of Chicago in the Austin neighborhood. We’re honored to join so many amazing neighbors in Austin where God is on the move.


Most of our church community lives in the neighborhood, and we’re living as neighbors (local residents) as we listen from the ground up. We’re committed to join others in “re-neighboring” the city to love God and people block-by-block.


Among other examples, 92% of black teens in Chicago are unemployed, and the State of Illinois spent 2.4 Million incarcerating people on one city block in the Austin Neighborhood. The largest single wave of planned public school closures in U.S. history took place in Chicago—May of 2013, and many of those schools remain boarded up without purpose. This is all happening under the watch of the wider church of Chicagoland.


As residents, we’re committed to invest spiritually, relationally, financially, emotionally, and systemically “on the front end” to partner with local neighborhood businesses, minority contractors, and new start-ups; We’re seeking to recycle the local dollar with Soul Café and the Christmas Store, while promoting youth employment with After School Matters, and we’re working hard to enhance economic development with Soul Sauce.


We believe God wants to restore individual lives and entire communities through the peace and wholeness of Jesus Christ “where nothing is missing and nothing is broken.” Out of listening and prayer, we’ve got some work to do.


Church on the Block is accountable to a wider church family with a 111-year-old track record. As an extension of Chicago First Church of the Nazarene, we’re a part of a broader expression of the body of Christ committed to love West Side Chicago.

Thank you for considering Church on the Block. We are honored to partner with you. With Gratitude,   Pastor Rob